SOCO- Greater Noida

Habitech extends the concept of IT & Software Technology Park further to a happy life constituting family and fun.

SOCO offers a plug and play environment that allows some things for granted – a failsafe physical infrastructure, highly efficient amenities and facilities – right in the heart of this world city.

The city is fast emerging as new IT, STP & Industrial Hub and some of the global brands have already parked themselves in size able presence. SOCO offers the most technologically advanced work area connecting you to peace and pace while working on 5 lac sq. ft. of area with infrastructure of international standards.

Features of Software Technology Park Scheme

Approvals are given under Single Window Clearance Mechanism.

100% Foreign Equity is permitted.

All the imports in the STP units are completely duty free.

Import of Goods on loan, free of cost & lease basis is permitted.

Re-export of Capital Goods brought on loan/lease/free of cost.

Domestic purchases are completely excise duty free.

Domestic purchases are eligible for the benefit of deemed exports.

The sales in Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) are permissible up to 50% of the value of exports.

STP units are exempted from corporate income tax up to Year 2010.

Work and Pleasure

SOCO gives you the world class environment to work & also practice the theory of flat world that makes global leaders and brands stand next to each other as neighbors. At SOCO you will share this cult of world leaders :-

Neighbors Pride Wipro, NIIT Technology, Moser Baer, ST Micro Electronics, LG, Videocon, Honda Siel, New Holland Tractors, Escorts Yamaha, Denso India, Delphi, Asian Paints.

These organizations have been cultivating the culture of business & lifestyle in perfect cohesion. A hangout & career place for young minds, Habitech reflects youthfulness and dynamism where success stories will be written and re-written.

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